Thursday, January 13, 2011

"These year

Author:The beard is second(source:Chinese weather, news agency)
(Responsibility editor:Li Meng Yi)
Win a new December 29 electricity in agency Peking:Li Hai Feng:The overseas Chinese affairs work is placed in the strategic opportunity of self-restraint resources to expect
Medium new agency reporter, Zhang Dong Dong,
"These year, especially arrive an Australia recently, New Zealand interview, I feel more severely, the overseas Chinese affairs work is placed in the important strategic opportunity of self-restraint overseas Chinese affairs resources to expect."The new situation that starts to talk about a current overseas and local Qiao feeling, Chinese State Department Qiao does director, Li Hai Feng, to make while accepting in new agency reporter is interview above-mentioned mean.
And republic Li Hai Feng from the same age, the oil-field woman oil extraction brigade in successive holder Ta-ching instruction member, totally green regiment Wei secretary in Ta-ching City and totally green regiment central secretary secretary, pair provincial governor in Hebei and country Qiao does pair director etc. job.Serve as Qiao in State Department to do a director from May, 2007, become hold Chinese overseas Chinese affairs works of one of the important person.

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