Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And staff communicates

Push forward a staff personnel system reform.China insists democracy, public, competition, choose excellent, build up the staff of sound science to select to appoint and manage to inspect a mechanism, raise to choose a person to use person is public is trust, prevent and cure to use a person corruption from the source head.Communist Party of China successively releases 《deepen a staff the personnel system reform outline and political leadership staff the selection appoint a work regulation and political leadership staff selection appoint work direct check way(try a line) and political leadership staff selection appoint a work responsibility to pursue a way(try a line) 》 etc. and is to the staff is personnel system reform carry on programing completely, selects the basic principle, standard, procedure, and method...etc. for appointing to make tight rules to the staff and selects to appoint a work to strengthen direct to the staff.Insist virtuous just and have, with virtuous for use a person first standard, promote democracy recommendation, democracy to measure to review completely, opinion poll, investigation prior announcement, Mr. shows before allowing, and staff communicates, works to get around etc. system, strongly push forward public selection and compete the last Gang, promote to appoint important staff is ballot system with perfect local party committee.

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