Thursday, January 13, 2011

"These year

Author:The beard is second(source:Chinese weather, news agency)
(Responsibility editor:Li Meng Yi)
Win a new December 29 electricity in agency Peking:Li Hai Feng:The overseas Chinese affairs work is placed in the strategic opportunity of self-restraint resources to expect
Medium new agency reporter, Zhang Dong Dong,
"These year, especially arrive an Australia recently, New Zealand interview, I feel more severely, the overseas Chinese affairs work is placed in the important strategic opportunity of self-restraint overseas Chinese affairs resources to expect."The new situation that starts to talk about a current overseas and local Qiao feeling, Chinese State Department Qiao does director, Li Hai Feng, to make while accepting in new agency reporter is interview above-mentioned mean.
And republic Li Hai Feng from the same age, the oil-field woman oil extraction brigade in successive holder Ta-ching instruction member, totally green regiment Wei secretary in Ta-ching City and totally green regiment central secretary secretary, pair provincial governor in Hebei and country Qiao does pair director etc. job.Serve as Qiao in State Department to do a director from May, 2007, become hold Chinese overseas Chinese affairs works of one of the important person.

Study a public lecturer in Chinese weather bureau organization

(Responsibility editor:Li Meng Yi)
Chinese weather bureau party set secretary, bureau chief national glory tally up to notify a party set set study circumstance in center.Liu Xiao Lin photographs
On Lecture 153 that Chinese the weather report reporter is beard is second to report December 29, study a public lecturer in Chinese weather bureau organization, Chinese weather bureau party set secretary, bureau chief national glory tallied up this year the basic circumstance of party set set in the center study meeting, notified in winter 2010 a Chinese weather bureau party set set study circumstance in center, and to in the near future put forth effort a few made-up works to carry on deployment.
Chinese weather bureau party set vice- secretary, pair the bureau chief allow small Feng to chair a meeting, the party constitutes a member, pair bureau chief Wang Shou Rong, pair bureau chief Yu such as astute, central Ji Wei halts a check set senior clerk of Ji in the bureau and bureau the party constitute a member Liu actually attend a notification meeting.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And staff communicates

Push forward a staff personnel system reform.China insists democracy, public, competition, choose excellent, build up the staff of sound science to select to appoint and manage to inspect a mechanism, raise to choose a person to use person is public is trust, prevent and cure to use a person corruption from the source head.Communist Party of China successively releases 《deepen a staff the personnel system reform outline and political leadership staff the selection appoint a work regulation and political leadership staff selection appoint work direct check way(try a line) and political leadership staff selection appoint a work responsibility to pursue a way(try a line) 》 etc. and is to the staff is personnel system reform carry on programing completely, selects the basic principle, standard, procedure, and method...etc. for appointing to make tight rules to the staff and selects to appoint a work to strengthen direct to the staff.Insist virtuous just and have, with virtuous for use a person first standard, promote democracy recommendation, democracy to measure to review completely, opinion poll, investigation prior announcement, Mr. shows before allowing, and staff communicates, works to get around etc. system, strongly push forward public selection and compete the last Gang, promote to appoint important staff is ballot system with perfect local party committee.

Politics separate

Five, pass system reform and system innovation to prevent and cure corrupt
The reform opens to especially get into since 21th century, China insists the way prevention of way of thinking and reform used a development and manages corruption.Aim at to easily stir up corrupt point realm and key link, strongly push forward system reform and system innovation, the establishment is suitable for ages to develop the new system of request new mechanism, effort from the source head last prevention and cure corrupt.
Deepen administration examination and approval system reform.Chinese government promotes an administration examination and approval completely system reform, quickly push forward government Qi separate, government property separate, politics separate, government and agent in the market organize separate, help the government to change a working talent.In cleaning up the foundation for examining completely, the nation examined and approved an item to carry on significant reduction and adjustment to the administration.Promote an administration examination and approval in 2001 system reform, each section of State Department totally the cancel and adjustment administration examine and approve item more than 2000 items, place all levels government cancel and adjust more than 77000 items, take up above half of the total amount of original items.For in reserve administration examination and approval item, pass to extensively establish an administration service center public examination and approval, build up an administration examination and approval the electronics inspect system to supervise and control in time, the perfect administration examination and approval responsibility pursues a system and information feedback mechanism, exaltation work efficiency, reduce a power to look for the opportunity for renting.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Encourage social capital participation parking lot to constuct
"This year is on card of a year 300

The city hands over Wei director Sheng Wei male:Encourage social capital participation parking lot to constuct
"This year is on card of a year 300,000( car), 20 equal to then the eastern breeze road can solve.Who there is a skill fixing 20 eastern breeze roads for a year?"The city hands over Wei director Sheng Wei the male put forward yesterday, crowd is buying a car was social progress, but"the parking lot supply falls short of demand of Guangzhou should regulate a resources through way science of management, want to be predominant in the government at the same time under encourage social capital participation parking lot construction".
The male of Sheng Wei puts forward, in the aspects of parking the car price, have to centrally city area and the city country coalescence department draw back a margin, so just can guide citizen to stop a car in the suburban area, then change to Mr. to hand over into downtown."Otherwise can hardly regulate downtown transportation through an economic lever."

Public parking lot and go together with to set up parking lot in its programming of already certain is parking lot

Dispute a focus
Set up parking lot to still need to get to hand over Wei administration to admit?
Handing over Wei has to establish to axe many representative is objection
Does setting up parking lot have to acquire the administration permission of handing over the Wei?This becomes the focus of controversy in yesterday is inspection.
For hand over "adopt administration permission to the management parking lot system" that the Wei puts forward, the representative puts forward, the parking lot is originally sparse to lack currently, if the parking lot sets up like would not° until again much and together examine and approve procedure also carry a camp, constucting of restriction parking lot and start.
Also the representative puts forward, public parking lot and go together with to set up parking lot in its programming of already certain is parking lot, and want after building programming and fire fight acceptance.Therefore, handing over the Wei can with other sections acceptance, not establish a threshold again.

Should raise a parking fee

The city hands over a Wei approbation to have the representative the objection
To this, the city hands over a Wei pair director, Liu Wei, to also mean to agree with while greatly representing to make collective report toward the person.He says that the management cost and construction cost is high, the parking lot repay leads low, let the social funds participate in the construction of parking lot to be subjected to influence, should raise a parking fee.
For raise a parking fee to step aside to deliver companies to win more the parlance of benefit, the representative puts forward objection:The purpose that raises a charge is to solve a supply and demand antinomy, alleviate to hug thus, but end solution of the supply and demand antinomy, have to depend on Mr. to hand over preferred execution."So, if regulate in the way of charge, have to promise increase the part accepting to used for development Mr. to hand over.Inside in the pocket that can not get into a development company becomes to develop the way that the company makes money and cans not get into the pocket of thing tube, either."