Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Politics separate

Five, pass system reform and system innovation to prevent and cure corrupt
The reform opens to especially get into since 21th century, China insists the way prevention of way of thinking and reform used a development and manages corruption.Aim at to easily stir up corrupt point realm and key link, strongly push forward system reform and system innovation, the establishment is suitable for ages to develop the new system of request new mechanism, effort from the source head last prevention and cure corrupt.
Deepen administration examination and approval system reform.Chinese government promotes an administration examination and approval completely system reform, quickly push forward government Qi separate, government property separate, politics separate, government and agent in the market organize separate, help the government to change a working talent.In cleaning up the foundation for examining completely, the nation examined and approved an item to carry on significant reduction and adjustment to the administration.Promote an administration examination and approval in 2001 system reform, each section of State Department totally the cancel and adjustment administration examine and approve item more than 2000 items, place all levels government cancel and adjust more than 77000 items, take up above half of the total amount of original items.For in reserve administration examination and approval item, pass to extensively establish an administration service center public examination and approval, build up an administration examination and approval the electronics inspect system to supervise and control in time, the perfect administration examination and approval responsibility pursues a system and information feedback mechanism, exaltation work efficiency, reduce a power to look for the opportunity for renting.

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