Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The common people here still need you

happened, you have to remember if I just said, I can not kill him now.I am a Xuan light fairy, is female the Wa repair a sky of five pieces of work properly one of the stones, this time after, I will become rock.So, you must shine on my meaning to do, otherwise, my innate intelligence will all almost exhausted, hereafter become the rock of a cake of commonness.After, can not become Xuan light pretty girl any further, again the Pu declines bright."The voice of Xuan light in the sky drifts.It dying wish that is at time of death to seem.Without emperor heart in fear, looking at oneself at present of the fairy maiden Be about to disappear in own in front at present."Like, I promise you, but you don,t leave, either, the common people here still need you.""Have you the this time words, I already didn,t what can have regard for of, remember own commitment, I am a western fairy, the nature wants to to the utmost arrive his/her own job, this anything but because you just do like this of, so, you also need not the heart save sorry and ashamed."Xuan only once the pretty girl words finish saying, fly a body have already entered that bottle in white.Immediately, multicolored of the ray of light shine in glory oneself and have no emperor heart in moment spacious get up.Bind own rope to also asunder open everywhere, break many stanzas.The body that has no emperor at this time also afloat get up.In the sky, the irradiation of the multicolored ray of light next, the body also starts putting light.Just, this ray of light than Xuan light the ray of light of the pretty girl is still dazzling several."Xuan light, you this is why on earth?Why on earth?If you want sacrifice you like this, do I why the need for want to do like this?The person, who wants to leave, should be me.My existence just for the sake of the proof, you and I are to exist each other, however the fact proves that I am getting wronger.I not should thus of go against a sky but BE..."絀 Row loudly of call a way.However, by now late.After multicolored ray of light stops, that white of bottle and crystal stone, heavily fell off down from the sky.Have no an emperor to stretch hand, own body at the moment is supple like Yan.Only on just a little moving body, the ray of light in white from own body inside Qing Xie but."Release your hand, Xuan light she already not at, her thing also has no any value.All of her everythings Authentic NFL Jerseys are mine."絀 Row loudly of say.And comply with the surrounding, raise own

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Can not take the person compares with them

elder to return true of, oneself just said of the words in fact are all jocose, basically didn,t really really want to grow the thing of green elder.But he despised to grow green elder and grew green elder from cradle to the grave talk have never said leave words, also never jocose of, talk be still need to count than the Imperial decree."That was certainly, my staying also was getting more useless, now all this age, still give you, you should be able to use last."Grew green elder to toward fame to smile to smile.He still likes fame very much of, if not that the segment fame was emperor is son, Tang Xing early wanted to accept Tu.Hence 2 people in quick time of facing city in fly to, soon got into inside in the imperial palace, got into a jade hall."Is black!!Is black!!"On walking into a jade hall, see a lot of warriors just in the self-discipline, this is a to do Wu Chang very greatly, every morning have someone is certainly also a forbidden ground here in the self-discipline, general of maid-in-waiting, the eunuch comes in, will be killed.Looking at these men to strip nude in the self-discipline, caltrop of body clear muscle, strange is to frighten a person, Tang Xing not from of stop next step."Prince Ye, these were the brotherses of jade hall.They this is in the morning exercise, this is every day have to."Growing green elder to looking at Tang Xing is very curious to these pupils, hurriedly explanation way."Does the segment Yi also come out at my noodles training??"The segment fame Authentic NFL Jerseys didn,t turn head, but looking at the person on the field and towarded to grow green elder to ask a way.Grew green elder to smile to smile, "certainly, the segment Yi is my pupil, however there being still no prince Ye is severe, you are 6 years old can with his draw, 16 years old, be connect his teachers be all vanquished by you.""Ha nfl jerseys ha, certainly is to can not compare with me, I am emperor is son, he is just imperial palace guard."The segment fame half plays trick of say, " we go in, saw your half a lifetimeses to all collect what, good thing."Hear the segment praise anterior of words, grow green elder to know that oneself dropped a clanger, these emperor is son what of is all little bit feigned, can not take the person compares with them, they are the most severe."You please."Grow green elder to toward a segment to praise a front, the segment fame walks for big step the front of the facing.The jade hall is a mysterious house of inside, at this time only two people at in, one is fame, moreover a nature is to grow green elder, he is praising for segment to introduce to ownly collect at this time, but eye in still not very willing to give up.After all collected greater half generation son, all of these are what some time lightly put together downs.The

"prince Ye

discipline in find out.""BE??There is self-discipline in the imperial palace of achievement method, how didn,t I know."Grow green elder to toward fame to ask a way.The segment fame says with a smile:"That is just I and discovers in the prince is palace of, afterwards always secretly of self-discipline, don,t speak, you have to keep secret!!!""Certainly, " grows green elder on smiling, "prince Ye, I now can also, self-discipline you this achievement method???"Because he had real strenght now, generally is can not self-discipline another achievement method.But he was more and more attracted to this achievement method, could not control feelings of think self-discipline."Can certainly self-discipline, however front segment time want the very slow, you have to slowly convert you whole body capability, achievement method in jot down of true spirit, so then you can formal self-discipline.Making reference to is all still self - disciplines up to you.The place that don,t understand can also seek me."The segment praises a station to start and towards to grow green elder to say."I can take out to train a house soldier, so our real strenght of segment house will increase a lot."Grow green elder to toward fame to ask a way."You ask me the labor and management.He agreed that I have no opinion."Segment praises doesn,t matter of say."Segment house soldier: the mysterious troops of segment house, directly go a management from segment day, all of them are iron blood absolute being the soldier is all what jade hall train come out, for their from the bottom of the heart need not doubt, because while getting into everybody to create a life time absolute being to once deliver Authentic NFL Jerseys to vow of. this world is creating a life time absolute being is the whole, nobody dare disrespect.""Consumedly collect for , recommend for a while, appreciate, thanks"The text chapter 15:Become rich(beg to collect)Grow the words that the green elder heard segment fame, hurriedly say:"The emperor is there free, he can definitely promise.As long as you can agree and then go."The segment praises a station to start, smiled to smile and towarded to grow green elder to say:"I am certainly to agree, I have no an opinion, and let is return to now."Grow green elder is also a station to is started and toward fame to say:"I am also implementing my promise, the sky is also quickly big to be getting brighter, you go to a jade hall with me."The segment fame towards to grow green elder to say:"Elder are you really willing to give up??You collect from cradle to the grave!!All give me.??"He unexpectedly grows green


say.The segment fame says:"Certainly, were it not for that I is how self-discipline, if you really want self-discipline, I can also give you a self-discipline achievement method."The segment fame tone was full of temptation.Finally grew green elder to still keep cannot helping but, towarded fame to ask a way:"What you said is true.However your boy also has no like this lead, say is what affair beg me.""Not is to beg you, but bargain.Do I how can beg you."The segment fame towards to grow green elder to say..Finally still kept growing green elder to accept defeat, towarded fame to say:"That our bargains are what!!, Now should be able to say.""Give all of your treasure-houses me not much.I still enclosed with an absolute being sword while pouring.This is too worthwhile.You consider bottom."Segment fame also not*grow green, just make him consider for a while, better under this kind of an important event is still a consideration.Grow the words that the green elder hears segment fame, immediately feel own dizzy, oneself is all of stock, that but Be getting tooer many, for the sake of a wager, can descend originally???Finally grow a green elder still a facing segment to praise that absolute being sword and went to, can give an absolute being machine, that was very the affair of honor, mainland in own the person of absolute being sword is also few.Is those old deathless sword absolute being,On grinding teeth, grow green elder, toward fame to say:"Like, all give you, can say now, ???"The segment fame says:"Certainly, now can certainly say."Say the segment praises Authentic NFL Jerseys to stretch out own hand and orders on the body of growing the green elder.Grow green elder to feel his/her own inside in the brain is many a lot of informations.Being all some is unfamiliar.See here also probably know, this is fame to pass his/her own memory.After several minutes, wait until to grow green after digesting these informations, toward fame to say:"This China country was really too a greatness incredibly can create so severe of achievement method.Don,t know as well to is in that region."Originally segment the achievement method that praises to him inside, have a great achievement the source of method, the segment praises just temporarily forgot, don,t delete.Basically didn,t notice, hear the words of growing the green elder, the segment fame hurriedly said:"Is a certain place in mainland, the wall of the achievement method true imperial palace of my self-

Unless is the weapon of specially made

prove, I more value your to fix for be not."Say to return eyes of Du Du.Grew green elder to at last take, towarded fame to say:"In fact we basically need not compared, you can win me on the speed, and that was to win me.The world fighting skill doesn,t break only and quickly.However the my recent hand had a little Yang Yang.Let is still beat!!"Depend of and originally still thought to grow green elder this goods don,t beat.Egg segment fame is a burst of to disappoint, unexpectedly behind say car such a words, pain!"Do not useless talk, beat and then start, the wave takes a lot of time!!"Segment fame white an eye be green.See the segment appearance with impatient fame, grow the green elder is from own space ring in take out a lance, point at fame, "that comes right away, small guy bright your weapon, we opened hostilities."The segment fame is that once two hands match and say:"I am to never launch troops a machine, because having no weapon can bear my strength, unless is the weapon of specially made."Grow the words that the green elder hears segment fame, toward him to say:"That I also need not, you need not, I still use what, beat spiritless!!!"The segment fame raises a hand and toward nearby a tree out of ten meters is a , "Peng!!!"Sees that tree direct from be split by the shot."This is the best proof, do you think that your body can resist my sword spirit???"Sum!!!!Grow green elder one language fill to shut, eyes just keep hanging up of looking at the big tree that is cut by the waist, this also exaggerated too much, if oneself taking the sword can sit to this effect, but sword an accept what all be not.The prince Ye is indeed as expected a monster!!!"Now that you love so old, I also Don,t mention it, please!!"Grow green elder to toward fame is one Ju body, suddenly launched to attackstone, big nfl jerseys sword facing segment the fame skull chop down.The segment praises unexpectedly and grows green elder incredibly to still make a sneak attack, hurriedly is a sword spirit projection, the figure was to avert from.In the mind way:"Is is of, old guy is returning is really enough malicious of, since be like come really similar."Grow green elder to continue in the attack, the segment fame doesn,t attackstone, just is evading, only a few big swords faced a body, there is no way, have to and then attacked, attack to grow each time green elder body up will appear small hole.Really being a Chan cant not bear to see.The Nue that finally grows green elder to can not stand fame admitted defeat."The his highness of the prince, you won and returned to and then gave you wagered, but I have a very small request now and hope that you can promise."The segment fame asks a way:"You said first is what, I am answering your words."Grew green elder to think for a while, towarded fame to say:"Be allow you to say with me the emotional stirrings of your self-discipline, my self-discipline arrived bottleneck, how break also still similar, don,t progress.Want to lend your emotional stirrings, seeing can order for me to inspire what."See grow green elder to be different from is at play trick of appearance, the segment fame towards him to say:"Let is sit down to chat."Say to sit on the rock on side."My self-discipline is a kind of very special achievement method, the different Dou annoys, also fierce.""The world still has like this of achievement method???How don,t I know?"Growing green elder is wrinkly eyebrows to

Still keep repairing back to say again

strong breeze at first.The words say this light body Shu that grows green elder, is still fierce of, incredibly can with segment the 7 F capability draw for praising, the segment fame is seen to grow green elder one eye and promotes one real strenght of 8 F of lie, using of own real strenghts.Grew green elder to soon fall behind, surprisedly looking at an anterior segment fame, have never thought oneself used the real strenght of 9 F, still having no can fight to win, a cruel, 10 F!!!!!!!!The text chapter 14:Squared sword saint(beg to collect.Recommend)But the result is still similar of, segment fame be like at take a walk similar, grow the faces of green elder Authentic NFL Jerseys to all suppress green, the capability of 10 F that but Be getting more top-class.In fact he is praised by the segment to Be getting blacker, the segment fame becomes six vein sword lotus after, isn,t in the past, current of he can anywhere absorb air spiritual influence at any time, strong oneself, even if is to consume, by dint of the special of six vein absolute being swords, return to annoy very quick.The sword lotus turns, not afraid have no capability to use, at this time segment the sword lotus rapid operation for praising of, growing the green elder can win him is an egg.The end still segment praises compete first and stands for several ten minutes at summit of hill, waited until to grow green elder to come, the segment fame towardsed him to say:"Elder, I see you still at here self-discipline for a while, etc. will otherwise again will drive I to Nue."Grow green elder to pause for breath, mercilessly stared one eye, segment fame, finally still kept accepting defeat, hovered around to sit at first self-discipline to get up and just consume very big strength.Still keep repairing back to say again.See grow green elder in the self-discipline, segment the fame sit in the part stem, the this fellow sat to sit to almost go to bed.Finally half hour after, grew green elder to wake up, looking at fame to looking at himself/herself, mercilessly say:"Was satisfied with now, you didn,t know at all respect I am this old man is house, work harder so to do all of a sudden what, is not for the sake of some wager!!!"The segment fame says:"This speech differs Yi, I am to respect you just run so quick, you want, more quick

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This hiding giant sickle on the body is impossible

because of the thing, is at his touch to touch under disappeared, his suspicion is biggest to is affirmative, so want to close first, wait for a survey, this is the rules for handling affairs, so kid sister the younger sister Be getting more ashamed."Sa Luo Si smiles to looking at the Luo Li tower Si, very patiently of explanation way.At star Luo be taken, Sa Luo Si asks present owners to all make a trip with him, he wants to send person is body search.This hiding giant cheap nfl jerseys sickle on the body is impossible, but, if engrave a transmission method on the body, deliver the thing to the another head of of method, or can accomplish.At through a series of of after the survey, confirm present of this all has no problem.After returning to dormitory, the Luo Li tower Si asks Diao to work properly a teacher:"We why all came back, wasn,t star Luo put back?""I once asked a this question of light director of China as well, he said this circumstance it is more special, Sa Luo Si and rice give Si two adults all at, even if this is in the college, but take charge of pertaining to crime after all is that these are two, so can make them say to calculate.Moreover China light director say to me, the affair this time the afraid of meeting is more troublesome, the rice gives Si adult to intentionally make difficulties for, everyone knows, the rice gives Si to always all toward with ability cheap nfl jerseys MLB Jerseys dry."The Diao works properly to say, " however have China only director at, should can,t what important event, is this affair to probably need to order time to handle."Meeting the indoor in the college of empire."I have already sent a person to once check a star Luo,

China only lets the preservation member of cultural object building

force mutually Sa Luo Si and text mutually the rice give Si also all in the college of empire, after all take down two champions with China simply celebrating together of is all student of college of empire.3 people arrive at cultural object building together, and inquired to just take place of after affair pass by, China only lets the preservation member of cultural object building, check for a while, the product seeing to disappear exactly is He Wu, has special place."Director, what to disappear is a No.32th product, this thing is on chasing huge sickle, in the building deposit for more than 300 years, according to jot down, the material of sickle cheap nfl jerseys is more special, although don,t analyze is what material, test after confirmation, this kind of material is very easy and convenient, and hard, even if is ability of with all strength attack, can not also let it damages, in addition to its material, have no another special place."One inside year of man report way."Okay, I knew, you next go to."Later on, the China light turns a head to see again to nearby of two powerful ministerses, say" how do 2 treat this matter?""This affair has a hitch, I think and need to be investigated for a while."Sa Luo Si says, " bearer presses Luo of star into the prison building of college first.""Why to want to bring in prison building?Did the thing disappear by himself/herself how to can blame him?"In light in R.O.C, Sa Luo Si and rice give Si under three heavy weight person all present circumstances, the nobody dares to give out sound a sound, but the Luo Li tower Si didn,t fear and said to Luo Si of Sa."I didn,t say that he is a prisoner, just

Really stay to have a shelf that puts a product there

building, the card fixed and then started grumbling:"This is also a lot too big, teacher, should can,t only have our cheap nfl jerseys 6 people.""H,m, only our 6 people, however we have time in one whole day, finishing sweeping here isn,t problem.Now, quickly begin, action slow, supper of time can have no."The Diao works properly to say, " the thing here can is all very valuable of, you carefully order, starting doesn,t weigh too much."Work properly a leading of teacher in the Diao under, everyone started beginning, this was 6 are all bilities, the progress of the work is still very quick.At this time, star Luo arrived at one huge sickle in front of chasing, this presents sickle body purple red, there is an iron chain in the end of the tail of sickle, there is the thing that a row completely doesn,t understand on the edge of knife, however see in that manner, should be a writing, this sickle gives the star Luo is felling is very huge, star Luo estimate for a while, the length of this sickle, compare with his height to still need to grow up many.After finishing appreciating this sickle, he holds tight sickle all alone of longhandled, take dish cloth all alone, prepare to wipe, but even now, the sickle body sent out a white light, then disappear to be missing.Leaves a star Luo the very silly station is over there.The cultural object building only has building noodles, this white light, rise in the this ray not good Shan inside the space, is the vision that leads to come to owner naturally, after inside the cultural object building of moreover 5 people, also all rounded to come over."Just is what is the row, star Luo?"The Diao works properly to ask a way.Star Luo has a little guilty of answer way:"I also not clear, I just is wiping one huge sickle of chasing, a burst of white only and later on, that sickle be missing.""Be missing?"The Diao works properly to took a look star Luo, then tooks a look the star Luo is side again up, really stay to have a shelf that puts a product there, but shelf top but is all empty."You don,t move indiscriminately here, I come right away all of a sudden."Diao after working properly to instruct everyone, outside run toward the door to, call person who came the doorway, said severals, that person then left.The Diao worked properly to again close later on door, carefully look around the whole cultural object building.The destiny plays joke on chapter 41 to expelNot and in a short while, director is China light after hearing the words that the Diao work properly to make people spread, rushed through to come over, because the Jiao person of six country New appointee matches fights a merit,