Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Should raise a parking fee

The city hands over a Wei approbation to have the representative the objection
To this, the city hands over a Wei pair director, Liu Wei, to also mean to agree with while greatly representing to make collective report toward the person.He says that the management cost and construction cost is high, the parking lot repay leads low, let the social funds participate in the construction of parking lot to be subjected to influence, should raise a parking fee.
For raise a parking fee to step aside to deliver companies to win more the parlance of benefit, the representative puts forward objection:The purpose that raises a charge is to solve a supply and demand antinomy, alleviate to hug thus, but end solution of the supply and demand antinomy, have to depend on Mr. to hand over preferred execution."So, if regulate in the way of charge, have to promise increase the part accepting to used for development Mr. to hand over.Inside in the pocket that can not get into a development company becomes to develop the way that the company makes money and cans not get into the pocket of thing tube, either."

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